Zinc nickel plating
Zinc Nickel Barrel Plating

Zinc Nickel Plating Corrosion performance

Zinc nickel plating offers high corrosion protection & excellent salt spray results due to the dual alloy nature of Zinc (Zn) and Nickel (Ni) electroplating, making the highly resistant coating a strong rust prevention choice for steel components.

The zinc nickel alloy offers higher corrosion protection than standard zinc plating. Due to this improved corrosion performance of the Zn Ni Alloy compared to zinc plating a lower deposit thickness is required to achieve similar corrosion performance, allowing for greater dimension tolerances for threaded bolts, fasteners and nuts.

Zinc Nickel plating industry applications

  • Fasteners
  • Electrical
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Mining

Zn Ni (zinc Nickel) plating properties

  • High corrosion protection for steel
  • Good flexibility after plating
  • Dual alloy coating.
  • Replacement for Cadmium plating
  • Good resistance to fuel
  • Environmentally friendly plating
  • Chromate and topcoat choices
  • De-embrittlement / stress relieve
  • High salt spray performance

Zinc Nickel Barrel Large Capacity

Our large Zinc Nickel barrel electroplating plant can provide for all capacity requirements, ensuring fast processing times and reliable delivery schedules. Flexible formulation parameters allow us to meet a range of specifications and colour choices. We also provide De-embrittlement / stress relieving after plating if required.




Zinc electroplating plant

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Trivalent (Blue) Zinc Trivalent blue Zinc Plating
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Zinc Nickel BarrelZinc nickel barrel plating
Zinc Barrel PlatingZinc Barrel Plating