Zinc plating yellow
Yellow Zinc Plating

Yellow Zinc Electroplating also known as gold zinc.The yellow chromates achieve up to 96 hours in a salt spray cabinet to white corrosion and is the most common chromate used on zinc finishes prior to powder coating.


Zinc Plating Tank Dimensions:

Our large zinc plating plant has recently been modified to handle dimensions of up to 2400mm long x 1300mm deep x 700mm wide.

zinc electroplating line







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E-coat / EDP Ecoat Black
Trivalent (Blue) Zinc Trivalent blue Zinc Plating
Yellow Zinc yellow zinc electroplating
Black Zinc Black zinc electroplating
Olive Drab Olive drab zinc electroplating

Zinc Nickel BarrelZinc nickel barrel plating
Zinc Barrel PlatingZinc Barrel Plating