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Metal finishing solutions for companies Australia wide We serve many varying industries including Automotive, Industrial, Electronics, telecommunications and general fabrication for both local and international markets and are capable of handling jobs from a few hundred parts into the millions.


What we can offer your company

40 + years experience in Automotive & industrial metal finishing.

World class flexible finishing systems.

Proven supply reliability.

E-coat & Zinc electroplating to all International and National standards





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Finishes "...Learn more about our durable range of Automotive and Industrial finishes"   fapm
E-coat / EDP Ecoat Black
Trivalent (Blue) Zinc Trivalent blue Zinc Plating
Yellow Zinc yellow zinc electroplating
Black Zinc Black zinc electroplating
Olive Drab Olive drab zinc electroplating

Zinc Nickel BarrelZinc nickel barrel plating
Zinc Barrel PlatingZinc Barrel Plating