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A wealth of scientific resources
A vital aspect of delivering quality product is the ability to accurately analyse process parameters and use existing information as the base for independent research and development.

in-house laboratory

With an elaborately equipped in-house laboratory we can provide a complete analysis on all process solutions.

In addition, comprehensive research and development facilities enable us to undertake a programme of continual process improvement.


Calibrated testing equipment includes:

  • Salt spray testing cabinet
  • Rockwell hardness testing
  • Micrographic examination

Local thickness testing including:

  • X-ray
  • Coulometric
  • Magnetic induction
  • Eddy current
  • Beta Back-scatter





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E-coat / EDP Ecoat Black
Trivalent (Blue) Zinc Trivalent blue Zinc Plating
Yellow Zinc yellow zinc electroplating
Black Zinc Black zinc electroplating
Olive Drab Olive drab zinc electroplating

Zinc Nickel BarrelZinc nickel barrel plating
Zinc Barrel PlatingZinc Barrel Plating