Zinc plating Trivalent
Trivalent (Blue) ZINC


Trivalent chromates are also referred to as Hexavalent free and Tripass. These were developed to accommodate the automotive industries environmental initiatives to reduce the levels of Cr6 (hexavalent chromium) used in car production.

Product Development

Excellent Plating Works Pty. Ltd. has been at the forefront of testing various trivalent products which led to the development of a production facility capable of meeting the automotive industries needs for the trivalent process.

Approved Supplier

In 2002 Excellent Plating Works was the first Australian company to be nominated as an approved applicator by GMH for the Tripass ELV rack plating process.


Zinc Plating Tank Dimensions:

Our large zinc plating plant has recently been modified to handle dimensions of up to 2400mm long x 1300mm deep x 700mm wide.

see also blue zinc plating


Zinc electroplating plant

High Perfomance Trivalent Conversion Coatings

Excellent Plating Works Pty. Ltd. is an approved applicator for ZinKlad™ trivalent conversion coatings to:

Ford Specification:
WSS-M21P17 (S437)

Holden Sprcification:
GMW 3044 8K 240/120X

Toyota Specification:
TSH 6524 G


E-coat / EDP Ecoat Black
Trivalent (Blue) Zinc Trivalent blue Zinc Plating
Yellow Zinc yellow zinc electroplating
Black Zinc Black zinc electroplating
Olive Drab Olive drab zinc electroplating

Zinc Nickel BarrelZinc nickel barrel plating
Zinc Barrel PlatingZinc Barrel Plating